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2010 Mid South Conference Wrestling
Conference Tournament Results
February 6, 2010
(at Jack Britt High School)
Mid South Conference on Rhino Wrestling


Team Results
Jack Britt 153
E.E. Smith 135
Seventy First 127.5
South View 102
Cape Fear 102
Pine Forest 83
Terry Sanford 67.5

Coach of the Year
Kyle Sessoms (E.E. Smith)

Conference Wrestler of the Year
Timmy McCall (South View)

Mid South Conference MVP
Timmy McCall (South View)

Final Brackets

Individual Won-Lost Records


Place Winners

Weight Rank Wrestler School
103 lbs 1st Jacob Quintero Terry Sanford
  2nd Harley Silver South View
  3rd Tyler Autry Cape Fear
  4th BYE  
112 lbs 1st William Clayton E.E. Smith
  2nd Malaak Harris Cape Fear
  3rd Xavier Martinez South View
  4th K.C. Hunt Jack Britt
119 lbs 1st Malcom Williams E.E. Smith
  2nd Calvin Hinton Jack Britt
  3rd Terrance Dugay Seventy First
  4th David Salgado Terry Sanford
125 lbs 1st Kamal Leak South View
  2nd Demetrius McRae E.E. Smith
  3rd Aubry Blad Jack Britt
  4th Jordan Blackwell Terry Sanford
130 lbs 1st Derrick Newkirk Seventy First
  2nd Jeff Zukowski E.E. Smith
  3rd Jason Materne Jack Britt
  4th Forrest Avirette Terry Sanford
135 lbs 1st Larnell Eggerton Seventy First
  2nd Matt Canady Cape Fear
  3rd Colin Ryan Jack Britt
  4th Blake Gainey Pine Forest
140 lbs 1st Tyler Manship Jack Britt
  2nd Charles Frazier E.E. Smith
  3rd Paul Tant Seventy First
  4th Milo Shelton Pine Forest
145 lbs 1st Blake Norris Cape Fear
  2nd Will Flynn Terry Sanford
  3rd Kenneth Jones Pine Forest
  4th Teagan Callaway Jack Britt
152 lbs 1st Garrison Matthews Cape Fear
  2nd Larry Neal E.E. Smith
  3rd Anthony Hobbs Terry Sanford
  4th Gabriel Harper South View
160 lbs 1st Jared Bartram Jack Britt
  2nd Darius McNeill Seventy First
  3rd Deshawn Ford South View
  4th Antonio Locklear Cape Fear
171 lbs 1st Kenneth Radford Pine Forest
  2nd Bryce Carter Jack Britt
  3rd Jordan Stocks E.E. Smith
  4th David Nessen South View
189 lbs 1st Timmy McCall South View
  2nd Kevin Radford Pine Forest
  3rd James Robinson E.E. Smith
  4th Dalton Stewart Jack Britt
215 lbs 1st Jackie Green Seventy First
  2nd Alex Norkett Cape Fear
  3rd Chase Kirk Jack Britt
  4th Adren Hye Pine Forest
285 lbs 1st Deven Riles Seventy First
  2nd Marcus Miller Pine Forest
  3rd Jared Key Terry Sanford
  4th Myers Colvin E.E. Smith


  Championship Finals
103 Jacob Quintero (TS) d. Harley Silver (SV) 15-0
112 William Clayton (EES) p. Malaak Harris (CF) 2:43
119 Malcolm Williams (EES) d. Calvin Hinton (JB) 8-2
125 Kamaal Leak 9SV) d. Demetrius McRae (EES) 2-0
130 Derrick Newkirk (SF) p. Jeff Zukowski (EES) 2:29
135 Larnell Eggerton (SF) p. Matt Canady (CF) 5:32
140 Tyler Manship (JB) d. Charles Frazier (EES) 9-5
145 Blake Norris (CF) d. Will Flynn (TS)  17-1
152 Garrison Matthews (CF) d. Larry Neal (EES) 7-5
160 Jared Bartram (JB) d. Darius McNeill (SF) 3-0
171 Kenneth Radford (PF) d. Bryce Carter (JB) 11-5
189 Timmy McCall (SV) d. Kevin Radford (PF) 3-2 (3OT)
215 Jackie Green (SF) p. Alex Norkett (CF) 1:08
285 Devin Riles (SF) d. Marcus Miller (PF) 2-0

Consolation Finals

103 Tyler Autry (CF)  bye
112 Xavier Martinez (SV) p. K.C. Hunt (JB) :42
119 Terrance Dugay (SF) d. David Salgado (TS) 7-2
125 Aubry Blad (JB) p. Jordan Blackwell (TS) 4:53
130 Jason Materne (JB) d. Forrest Avirette (TS) 15-6
135 Colin Ryan (JB) p. Blake Gainey (PF)  1:53
140 Paul Tart (SF) p. Milo Shelton (PF) 2:22
145 Kenneth Jones (PF) d. Teagan Callaway (JB) 6-3
152 Anthony Hobbs (TS) d. Gabriel Harper (SV) 10-0
160 Deshawn Ford (SV) d. Antonio Locklear (CF) 13-11
171 Jordan Stocks (EES) d. David Nessen (SV) 8-2
189 James Robinson (EES) p. Dalton Stewart (JB) 2:50
215 Chase Kirk (JB) p. Adren Hye (PF) 2:15


Jared Key (TS) d. Myers Colvin (EES) 7-5

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