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2015 NCHSAA 4A Mideast Regional

Track & Field Championships

NCHSAA Mideast 4A Regional Complete Results from
Top Team Scores

Boys (top 5)     Girls (top 5)  
Jack Britt  76   South View  106.5
South View  75.5   Pinecrest 89.5
Pine Forest 60.5   South Central 75
Overhills 60.5   Wilmington Ashley 67
New Hanover 50   Pine Forest 59
Other Mid South Conf scores     Other Mid South Conf scores  
Seventy First 33.5   Jack Britt 43
Cape Fear 16   Seventy First  18
E.E. Smith 3   Overhills 6
      Cape Fear 4

Cape Fear Region Individual State Qualifiers

100: Cedric Terry, Scotland (1st, 10.71); Leon Rogers, Seventy-First (2nd, 10.85); Brandon Smith, Hoke County (3rd, 10.86)

200: Steven Miller, Overhills (1st, 22.14); Brandon Smith, Hoke County (2nd, 22.28); Kenneth Hubbard, Jack Britt (3rd, 22.40), Leon Rogers, Seventy-First (4th, 22.46)

400: Quincy Ridley, Overhills (1st, 48.97); Garrett Hammonds, Purnell Swett (2nd, 49.17); Jaquez Torian, Jack Britt (4th, 50.28)

800: Sam Maxfield, Pine Forest (2nd, 1:58.46); Michael Staples, South View (3rd, 1:58.56), Paul Arredondo, Cape Fear (4th, 2:00.77)

1600: Philip Hall, South View (1st, 4:13); Paul Arredondo, Cape Fear (2nd, 4:26.14); Michael Staples, South View (3rd, 4:26.16); Jackson Sullivan, Jack Britt (4th, 4:27)

3200: Philip Hall, South View (1st, 9:25); Robert Anderson, Pinecrest (2nd, 9:37); Javier Alejandro, South View (3rd, 9:38)

110 hurdles: Joshua McGowen, Overhills (1st, 14.37); Javon Graham, Jack Britt (3rd, 15.27)

300 hurdles: Joshua McGowen, Overhills (1st, 39.94); Darius Sinclair, Jack Britt (2nd, 40.26); Mason Washington, South View (3rd, 40.39)

4x100 relay: Scotland (1st, 42.49); Hoke County (2nd, 42.57)

4x200 relay: Hoke County (2nd, 1:28.21); Jack Britt (3rd, 1:28.87)

4x400 relay: Overhills (1st, 3:19); South View (3rd, 3:24), Hoke County (4th, 3:25)

4x800 relay: Pine Forest (2nd, 8:10); Pinecrest (4th, 8:13)

Shot put: Ryan Davis, Pine Forest (1st, 59-4.25); Kevin Marquez, Lumberton (4th, 46-10)

Discus: Ryan Davis, Pine Forest (1st, 166-6); Brian Yeldon, Jack Britt (Xrd, 136-4); Bryan Jordan, South View (4th, 135-0)

High jump: Isaiah Vinson, South View (2nd, 6-4); DeAndre Cooper, Purnell Swett (4th, 6-2)

Long jump: Joshua McGowen, Overhills (1st, 21-7); Tre Hales, Jack Britt (2nd, 20-8)

Triple jump: Darryl Shaw, Jack Britt (1st, 47-3.5); Tre Hales, Jack Britt (2nd, 45-1); Elvis Gordon, South View (4th, 43-2.75)


100: Alexis Monroe, Pine Forest (2nd, 12.51); Denali Hamilton, South View (4th, 12.61)

200: Maya Singletary, Hoke County (3rd, 25.38)

400: Tiarra Bailey, Jack Britt (1st, 58.58); Maya Singletary, Hoke County (2nd, 58.60); Macie Kavanaugh, Pinecrest (3rd, 59.63); Ebony Nelson, Pinecrest (4th, 1:00.92)

800: Taylor Delaney, South View (1st, 2:18.90); Janay Hall, South View (2nd, 2:20.36); Kate Sanborn, Jack Britt (3rd, 2:21.12); Grace West, Pinecrest (4th, 2:22.25)

1600: Janay Hall, South View (1st, 5:19); Taylor Delaney, South View (2nd, 5:20); Kate Sanborn, Jack Britt (3rd, 5:21)

3200: Rachel VonCannon, Pinecrest (1st, 11:40); Ashley Damron, South View (3rd, 12:01)

110 hurdles: Ayari Harrington, Hoke County (2nd, 16.24); Jacques Tucker, Seventy-First (4th, 17.44)

300 hurdles: Mary Margaret West, Pinecrest (4th, 47.88)

4x100 relay: Pine Forest (2nd, 49.44); Scotland (3rd, 50.82); Seventy-First (4th, 51.06)

4x200 relay: Jack Britt (1st, 1:45.86); Hoke County (2nd, 1:45.98); Pine Forest (3rd, 1:47.25); Pinecrest (4th, 1:47.50)

4x400 relay: Pine Forest (1st, 4:02); Overhills (3rd, 4:05); Pinecrest (4th, 4:09)

4x800 relay: Pinecrest (1st, 9:50); Pine Forest (3rd, 10:09)

Shot put: Chinyere Bell, South View (1st, 33-0.5); Leanna Jacobs, Hoke County (3rd, 31-10); Trinity Well, Pinecrest (4th, 31-3)

Discus: Chinyere Bell, South View (1st, 104-9); Alexis Thomas, Jack Britt (2nd, 104-0); Brittany Taylor, Hoke County (3rd, 99-7)

High jump: Krystyna Chavis, Purnell Swett (1st, 5-0 on jumps); Lauren Garrick, South View (T2nd, 5-0)

Long jump: Denali Hamilton, South View (3rd, 17-2.5); Jade Jordan, Pine Forest (4th, 16-10)

Triple jump: Ayari Harrington, Hoke County (3rd, 35-3); Lauren Garrick, South View (4th, 34-8.5)

Pole vault: Sarah Webster, Pinecrest (2nd, 8-6); Emily Hughes, Pinecrest (3rd, 8-6); Mary Margaret West, Pinecrest (4th, 8-6)


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