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2011 Mid South Conference

Track & Field Championships

Boys' Most Valuable Player -  Brandon Bulla (South View)

Boys' Coach of the Year - Rick Stoker (Jack Britt)

Girls' Most Valuable Player - Shakeela Saunders (E.E. Smith)

Girls' Coach of the Year -  Jeff Bruner (Pine Forest)

Boys Team Girls Team
South View 164 South View 139
Jack Britt 142 Pine Forest 108
Terry Sanford 73.5 Jack Britt 97
Seventy First 51 Terry Sanford 81
E.E. Smith 42 E.E. Smith 61
Pine Forest 29.5 Seventy First 27
Cape Fear 25 Cape Fear 11
Individual Individual
100 Meters Daniel (TS) 11.14 100 Meters Girardeau (SV) 12.73
200 Meters Daniel (TS) 22.71 200 Meters Saunders (EES) 25.34
400 Meters Blount (JB) 50.52 400 Meters Saunders (EES) 57.81
800 Meters Wilson (JB) 2:00.17 800 Meters Anderson (JB) 2:26.45
1600 Meters Crawford (SV) 4:25 1600 Meters Adkins (TS) 5:36
3200 Meters Beaudette (JB) 10:01 3200 Meters Leonard (TS) 12:37
110 Meter Hurdles Lockley (JB) 15.36 100 Meter Hurdles Holiday (PF) 16.81
300 Meter Hurdles Proctor (SV) 40.58 300 Meter Hurdles Daniels (JB) 47.92
4x100 Relay South View 43.83 4x100 Relay Jack Britt 50.52
4x200 Relay Jack Britt 1:29.02 4x200 Relay Jack Britt 146.69
4x400 Relay Jack Britt 3:27 4x400 Relay Jack Birtt 4:14
4x800 Relay Jack Britt 8:24.47 4x800 Relay Jack Britt 10:19.96
High Jump Jackson Nosbisch (JB) 1.93m High Jump Shirlee Evans (PF) 1.57m
Long Jump Brandon Bulla (SV) 6.7m Long Jump Darlene Girardeau (SV) 5.42m
Triple Jump Brandon Bulla (SV) 12.82m Triple Jump Shakeela Saunders (EES) 11.59m
Shot Put John Leonard (TS) 14.35m Shot Put Takera Knowles (SV) 11.07m
Discus James Robinson (EES) 39.73m Discus Takera Knowles (SV) 35.82m

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