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2021 Softball Weekly Schedule
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Schedules provided by Cumberland County Schools' Athletic Departments and are subject to change due to inclement weather
** Non Conference Game

Due to weather postponements this schedule may not be correct.
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March 15
Douglas Byrd at South View
Westover at Terry Sanford
Overhills at Pine Forest
Cape Fear at E.E. Smith
Pinecrest at Seventy First
Jack Britt at Scotland

March 17
Westover at Gray's Creek
Overhills at Terry Sanford
Cape Fear at South View
E.E. Smith at Pine Forest
Hoke County at Seventy First
Lumberton at Jack Britt

March 22
Douglas Byrd at Terry Sanford
Gray's Creek at E.E. Smith
Cape Fear at Overhills
South View at Pine Forest
Seventy First at Lumberton
Jack Britt at Richmond Senior

March 24
Gray's Creek at Cape Fear
Pine Forest at Westover
South View at Terry Sanford
E.E. Smith at Douglas Byrd
Scotland at Seventy First
Purnell Swett at Jack Britt

March 29
Overhills at Gray's Creek
Cape Fear at Douglas Byrd
E.E. Smith at Westover
Terry Sanford at Pine Forest
Seventy First at Purnell Swett
Jack Britt at Hoke County

March 31
Westover at Douglas Byrd
Gray's Creek at South View
Pine Forest at Overhills
Cape Fear at Terry Sanford
Richmond Senior at Seventy First
Pinecrest at Jack Britt

April 5
Douglas Byrd at Pine Forest
Westover at South View
E.E. Smith at Overhills
Seventy First at Jack Britt

April 7
Douglas Byrd at Gray's Creek
Overhills at South View
E.E. Smith at Cape Fear
Terry Sanford at Westover
Seventy First at Pinecrest
Scotland at Jack Britt

April 12
Douglas Byrd at Overhills
Gray's Creek at Terry Sanford
Pine Forest at South View
Seventy First at Hoke County
Jack Britt at Lumberton

April 14
Douglas Byrd at Cape Fear
Westover at E.E. Smith
Gray's Creek at Pine Forest
South View at Overhills
Lumberton at Seventy First
Richmond Senior at Jack Britt

April 19
Westover at Cape Fear
South View at Gray's Creek
Terry Sanford at E.E. Smith
Seventy First at Scotland
Jack Britt at Purnell Swett

April 21
Westover at Overhills
Pine Forest at E.E. Smith
Cape Fear at Gray's Creek
Terry Sanford at Douglas Byrd
Purnell Swett at Seventy First
Hoke County at Jack Britt

April 26
Seventy First at Richmond Senior
Jack Britt at Pinecrest

April 28
Jack Britt at Seventy First

May 1
 NCHSAA Championship Playoffs - 1st Round

May 3
 NCHSAA Championship Playoffs - 2nd Round

May 5
 NCHSAA Championship Playoffs - 3rd Round

May 7
 NCHSAA Championship Playoffs - 4th Round

May 11
 NCHSAA Championship Playoffs - Regionals

May 15
 NCHSAA Championship Playoffs - Championship

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