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2013 Mid South Conference Girls' Tennis

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Jennifer Fowler (Jack Britt)

Player of the Year
Vatrice Williams (Jack Britt)

1st Team Singles  
Mariah Wharton South View
Nicole Nye Cape Fear
Caroline Brown Jack Britt
Michaela Colvin E.E. Smith
Lydia Bailey Overhills
Rebecca Arreola Seventy First
Olivia Leahy Pine Forest
Katie Buzzard Jack Britt
Angie Gutierrez South View
Emily Davidson Cape Fear
Samantha Stoker Jack Britt
Summer Dickerson South View
Honorable Mention - Singles
Carlie Sturtz Pine Forest
1st Team Doubles  
Vatrice Williams - Caroline Brown Jack Britt
Mariah Wharton - Angie Gutierrez South View
Samantha Stoker - Katie Buzzard Jack Britt
Summer Dickerson - Jessica Blanks South View
Emily Davidson - Autumn Burleson Cape Fear
Josie Taris - Kaitlyn Henley Jack Britt

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