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2012 Mid South Conference Girls' Tennis

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Gil Bowman (Terry Sanford)

Player of the Year
Helen Zhang (Terry Sanford)

1st Team Singles     1st Team Doubles  
Emma Caroline Edge Terry Sanford   Helen Zhang - Emma Caroline Edge Terry Sanford
Claire Lieberman Terry Sanford   Claire Lieberman - Trisha Slebria Terry Sanford
Huda McGraw Terry Sanford   Huda McGraw - Laura Hatcher Terry Sanford
Trisha Slebria Terry Sanford   Vatrice Williams - Sam Stoker Jack Britt
Laura Hatcher Terry Sanford   Eden Blaine - Michaela Colvin E.E. Smith
Vatrice Williams Jack Britt   Mariah Williams - Emily Davidson Cape Fear
Samantha Stoker Jack Britt   Honorable Mention - Doubles
Katie Buzzard Jack Britt   Katie Buzzard - Caroline Brown Jack Britt
Caroline Brown Jack Britt   Lauren McPhail - Grace Barbour Cape Fear
Eden Blaine E.E. Smith   Taylor Mebane - Eryn Molloy Pine Forest
Michaela Colvin E.E. Smith   Jasmin Alsaied - Darnelle Ngiraiwet E.E. Smith
Mariah Williams Cape Fear      
Honorable Mention - Singles      
Eryn Molloy Pine Forest      
Camille Thompson Seventy First      

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