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2016 Mid South Conference Girls' Soccer

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Nigel Facey (Overhills)

Player of the Year
Haleigh Stackpole (Overhills)

2016 Cumberland County Soccer Player Stats

All Conference Selections

1st Team



Callie Creech Jack Britt
Rianna Orello Jack Britt
Jade Jordan Pine Forest
Kaylee Krauss Pine Forest
Kaley Jacobs Pine Forest
Alyssa Rancour Pine Forest
Gretchen Evans Pine Forest
Pilar Pomales Overhills
Katlynn Bradford Overhills
Emily Elright Overhills
Zhara Trott Seventy First
Lillian Flantos South View

2nd Team

Keeley O'Connor Cape Fear
Brooke Bielecki Cape Fear
Lainey Borresen Jack Britt
Lauren Harding Jack Britt
Micaela Shea Jack Britt
Makenzie Henry Jack Britt
Anastatasia Burroughs Overhills
Kiersten Radford Overhills
Gabby Newell Pine Forest
Maya Glaspie Seventy First
Jewelicia Bivens Seventy First
Olivia Blancho South View

Honorable Mention

Shally Moseley Cape Fear
Sydney Capan Cape Fear
Savanah Dodson Cape Fear
Moesha Smith E.E. Smith
Amber Ward E.E. Smith
Faith Sprague Jack Britt
Emilli Rauch Overhills
Tayler Odell Overhills
Cheyenne Pate Pine Forest
Sierra Tursich Pine Forest
Rebecca Mitchell Seventy First
Tamiya Troy South View
Kyra Delaney South View

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