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2014 Mid South Conference Girls' Soccer

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
John Callahan (Cape Fear)

Player of the Year
Taylor Jacobs (Cape Fear)

2014 Cumberland County Soccer Player Stats

All Conference Selections

1st Team



Madi Timothy Cape Fear
Julia Rebellon Jack Britt
Madison Manship Jack Britt
Marissa Aguilar Jack Britt
Korina Martinez Jack Britt
Jordan Forbess Overhills
Ashlee Moore Pine Forest
Kaylee Krauss Pine Forest
Jolisa Francis Seventy First
Gina Celata South View

2nd Team

Christina Everett Cape Fear
Cathy Brown Cape Fear
Amada Nessen Cape Fear
MacKenzie Hill Jack Britt
Macy Creech Jack Britt
Pilar Pomales Overhills
Shawna McIntosh Pine Forest
Katelin Suwalkowski Pine Forest
Elizabeth Krumpleman Pine Forest
Treasure Butler South View
Angel Rivera South View

Honorable Mention

Maggie Drake Cape Fear
Abigail Bilyue Cape Fear
Rachel Lile Overhills
Kaley Jacobs Pine Forest
Summer Graham Pine Forest
Naomi Poesel Pine Forest
Dominique Weatherspoon Seventy First
Hannah McCarthy Seventy First
Olivia Blancho South View
Tayler Siminson South View
Star Rivera South View

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