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2009 Mid Southeastern Conference Girls' Soccer

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Todd Abbey (Pinecrest)

Player of the Year
Erika Dowdy (Hoke County

Keeper of the Year
Janae Aiken (Hoke County)

2009 Cumberland County Soccer Player Stats

1st Team      
Name School Grade Position
Kelsea Belcher Seventy First 12 Midfielder
Gabrielle Jarmillo Seventy First 12 Sweeper
Brittany Irwin Douglas Byrd 10 Midfield
Megan Webb Douglas Byrd 9 Defender
Victoria Anderson Jack Britt 10 Defender
Cairlin Novak Jack Britt 10 Midfielder
Osaro Obanor Jack Britt 10 Midfielder
Sarah Quarta Jack Britt 12 Midfielder
Racheal Ramey Jack Britt 10 Forward
Amber Rodriguez Jack Britt 10 Defender
Amber Brookins Westover 11 Midfielder
Quanita Goins Westover 12 Defender
Janae Aiker Hoke County 10 Keeper
Taylor Bates Hoke County 11 Midfielder
Erika Dowdy Hoke County 12 Forward
Haley Edmiston Hoke County 12 Forward
Sara Macias Hoke County 12 Midfielder
Sarah Dejak Pinecrest 10 Keeper
Lyndsey Anderson Pinecrest 12 Midfielder
Lauren Corrigan Pinecrest 10 Forward
Rachel Dokich Pinecrest 11 Midfielder
Rebecca DuPree Pinecrest 11 Midfielder
Kate Hieronymous Pinecrest 10 Midfielder
Beth Hieronymous Pinecrest 10 Defender
Bailey Pages Pinecrest 12 Midfielder
Brittney Hudson Richmond Senior 9 Forward
Amparo Mollinedo Richmond Senior 12 Forward
Camilla Villman Richmond Senior 12 Defender
Megan Brigman Scotland County 12 Forward
Whitney Campbell Scotland County 11 Midfielder
Kristin Covington Scotland County 12 Midfielder
Jessie Newton Scotland County 12 Defender
Josie Yang Scotland County 11 Forward


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