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2006 Mid Southeastern Conference Girls' Soccer

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Lorna Martin (Pinecrest)

Player of the Year
Latanya Cain (Pinecrest)  

Goalie of the Year
                              Katelyn Burwell (Pinecrest)                            

2006 Cumberland County Soccer Individual Stats


Latanya Cain Pinecrest
Ann Fields Pinecrest
Marissa Dotson Pinecrest
Molly Lynch Pinecrest
Brittany Dishner Pinecrest
Sarah Patnode Pinecrest
Megan Brigman Scotland County
Caroline Sexton Scotland County
Liza Purcell Scotland County
Kaitlin Monroe Scotland County
Sara Beth Jones Scotland County
Jenny Olsson Richmond County
Lucy Herr Richmond County
Susie Lopez Richmond County
Amber Tester Richmond County
Jenny Irvine Jack Britt
Kayla Singletary Jack Britt
Amy Presley Jack Britt
Cassy Piela Jack Britt
Renee Anderson Jack Britt
Kazia Bell Hoke County
Jessica Hendrix Hoke County
Melany Bates Hoke County
Honorable Mention  
Cassie Adams Hoke County
Jamie Stark Hoke County
Virginia Mullins Douglas Byrd
Asia Muhammaul Douglas Byrd
Kenna Martin Douglas Byrd
Keianna Evans Jack Britt
Shelby Solis Scotland County

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