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2007 Mid Southeastern Conference Golf

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year - Sandy Sackmann (Pinecrest)

Player of the Year - Brandon Jobe (Jack Britt)

1st Team School Avg. Score
Brandon Jobe Jack Britt 73.6
Jack Fields Pinecrest 73.7
Patrick Barrett Pinecrest 74.6
Russell Burke Pinecrest 75.1
Brian Fournier Richmond County 75.9
David Watkins Richmond County 76.1
Justin Evans Pinecrest 76.9
Justin Godwin Scotland County 77.1
Mac McLaurin Richmond County 78.1
Sam Packard Pinecrest 79.0
Wilson Hicks Scotland County 79.0
Brandon Atwood Jack Britt 79.43

Individual Scores and Averages


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