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2000 Mid South Golf All Conference Team

Conference Champion: Terry Sanford

Player of the Year - Justin Swanberg (DB)

All Conference Team      
Player Sch Sc  
Swanberg, Justin


Chambers, Chris TS 77.6  
Baker, Tommy CF 77.7  
Lester, Eric PF 77.7  
Waren, Jackson TS 78.4  
Hardee, Larry SV 78.4  
Brisson, Owen TS 78.9  
Langdon, Justin SV 79.0  
Azzarelli, John SV 79.4  
Warner, Will TS 80.7  
Christopher, Ronnie CF 80.7  
Terry Sanford, South View, Cape Fear and
Pine Forest qualify for the regionals at The
Bayonet at Puppy Creek on May 8.  
Individuals qualifying: Justin Swanberg (DB),
John Crotts (WO) and Tony Slayden (WO)

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