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2008 Two Rivers Conference Football

All Conference Teams

Coach of the Year
Bobby Bennett (Cape Fear)

Offensive Player of the Year
DeShean Townsend (South View)

Defensive Player of the Year
Joseph Blanks (Purnell Swett)

Cumberland County Football Stats

Offense     Defense  
1st Team     1st Team  
Quarterback     Defensive Line  
Ethan Clark Purnell Swett   Charles Tobin South View
Running Backs     Malachi Jacobs Purnell Swett
Trey Booker South View   Shavonti McCrimmon Terry Sanford
Marlin Locklear Purnell Swett   Marcus Allen Pine Forest
James Virgil Cape Fear   Jermaine Kessier Lumberton
Receivers     Linebackers  
Craig Sanders South View   Richard Jeffery South View
Robert Cole Purnell Swett   D'Angelo Taylor Terry Sanford
Colin O'Connor Terry Sanford   Jalaquan McNeill Lumberton
Tight End     Timothy McMillian E.E. Smith
Dominique Gilmore Cape Fear   Defensive Backs  

Offensive Line

    Quentin Pate South View
Justin McLaurin South View   D'Eanteans Williams Purnell Swett
John Locklear Purnell Swett   Chris Wilson Terry Sanford
Drew Spires Terry Sanford   Sharod Parker Cape Fear
Jay Blackmon Cape Fear   Punter  
Larry Thompson Lumberton   Jordan Vann Terry Sanford
Place Kicker     Athlete  
Andrew Court Terry Sanford   Ethan Clark Purnell Swett
2nd Team      2nd Team  
Quarterback     Defensive Line  
Jordan Vann Terry Sanford   Steven Jacobs Purnell Swett
Running Backs     Marcus Miller Pine Forest
Karrone Jones Cape Fear   Jonathan Fulmore Cape Fear
Maurice Lewis Lumberton   Justin McZeke E.E. Smith
Larry Parker Lumberton   Alvin Davis E.E. Smith
Receivers     Linebackers  
Derrick Green Terry Sanford   Matt Locklear Purnell Swett
Darnell Williams E.E. Smith   Brian Harris Pine Forest
Te'Velle Williams Pine Forest   Craig Stephens Lumberton
Tight End     Joe Harris Pine Forest
Zach Brown Pine Forest   Defensive Backs  
Offensive Line     Erik Salas Terry Sanford
Corey Raven South View   Djuan Lewis Pine Forest
Brian Harris Pine Forest   Te'Ville Williams Pine Forest
Blake Altman Cape Fear   Tony Jones Cape Fear
Lee Campbell Cape Fear   Punter  
Hamilton Scott E.E. Smith   Chad Martin Lumberton
Place Kicker     Athlete  
Jordan Beckham Cape Fear   Anthony Clanton Terry Sanford
Honorable Mention    

Honorable Mention

Quarterback     Linebackers  
Greg Bryant E.E. Smith   Nick Broussard Terry Sanford
Running Backs     Alex Herring Cape Fear
Blake Connor Pine Forest   Jonathan McPherson E.E. Smith
Josh Williams Cape Fear   Defensive Backs  
Craig Stephens Lumberton   Zack Lowery Purnell Swett
Receivers     Sean Small E.E. Smith
Angelo Stephens E.E. Smith   Corey Banks E.E. Smith
D'Eanteans Williams Purnell Swett   Josh Adams Pine Forest
Tight End     Punter  
Bryson Sisk Terry Sanford Greg Bryant E.E. Smith
Offensive Line   Athlete  
James Hingleton South View Blake Connor Pine Forest
Robert Strickland Purnell Swett    
Mick Cumming Purnell Swett    
Tevin Pearson Terry Sanford    
Josh Devault Pine Forest    
Dalton Brooks Lumberton    
Dakota Oxendine Lumberton    
Douglas Mangum E.E. Smith    
Joshua Newton E.E. Smith    
Place Kicker      
Robert Rhodes E.E. Smith    

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