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2007 Two Rivers Conference Football

All Conference Teams

Coach of the Year
Randy Ledford (South View)

Offensive Player of the Year
Marlin Locklear (Purnell Swett)

Defensive Player of the Year
Joseph Blanks (Purnell Swett)

Cumberland County Football Stats

Offense     Defense  
1st Team     1st Team  
Quarterback     Defensive Line  
Ryan Everette South View   Justin Cole South View
Running Backs     Aaron Salkeld South View
Vincent Tompkins South View   Jarrod Steen Purnell Swett
Jarred Steen Purnell Swett   Dominique McNeill Terry Sanford
Blake Connor Pine Forest   Jamel Carter Cape Fear
Marcus Allen Pine Forest   Linebackers  
Murphy McKinnon Cape Fear   Timmy McCall South View
Receivers     Fabian Elliott Pine Forest
Gary Green South View   Fred Williams Terry Sanford
Shane Johnson Terry Sanford   Justin Bullard Purnell Swett
Jordan Robinson E.E. Smith   Defensive Backs  
Tight End     Reggie Green South View
Dewayne Allen Terry Sanford   Nigel Bryant South View

Offensive Line

    Joshuan Jacobs Purnell Swett
Justin McLaurin South View   Hakim Madyun Cape Fear
Omar Smith Purnell Swett   Punter  
Owen Shearer Terry Sanford   Jordan Vann Terry Sanford
Chris Jessup Cape Fear      
James Bell Lumberton      
Place Kicker        
Taylor Baskett Terry Sanford      
2nd Team      2nd Team  
Quarterback     Defensive Line  
Greg Strasburger Pine Forest   Adrian Lee Pine Forest
Running Backs     Virgil Raing Pine Forest
Ashon Haswell Terry Sanford   Chris Jones Cape Fear
Karonne Jones Cape Fear   Deone Patterson E.E. Smith
Mike Breland Lumberton   Austin Bowden E.E. Smith
Stargell Love Lumberton   Linebackers  
Receivers     Brenden Hair South View
Robert Cole Purnell Swett   Dwayne Jones Purnell Swett
Craig Sanders South View   Leland Davis Cape Fear
Pierre Byndon E.E. Smith   Michael Colbert E.E. Smith
Tight End     Defensive Backs  
Justin Bullard Purnell Swett   Lamont Saffore South View
Offensive Line     Michael Milton Terry Sanford
Lance Johnson South View   Mike Breland Lumberton
John Locklear Purnell Swett   Doug Young Pine Forest
Jacob Tabor Pine Forest   Punter  
Nick Walters Cape Fear   Nickolas Adams E.E. Smith
Austin Bowden E.E. Smith      
Place Kicker         
Ethan Freeman Lumberton      
Honorable Mention    

Honorable Mention

Quarterback     Defensive Line  
Jordan Vann Terry Sanford   Tim Rogers South View
Running Backs     Jamez Thompson Lumberton
Will Banks Lumberton   Jermaine Kessier Lumberton
Brandon Jenkins E.E. Smith   Jerome Killens Lumberton
Andrew Brown South View   Defensive Backs  
Carlos Nurse South View   Hugh Thomas Terry Sanford
Receivers     Brandon Burnette Pine Forest
Justin Poage South View   Dejuan Lewis Pine Forest
Alex Armon Pine Forest   Jamal Burse E.E. Smith
Reginald Davis E.E. Smith Punter  
Tight End   Greg Hallett Pine Forest
Adrian Lee Pine Forest    
Offensive Line      
James Hingleton South View    
Ricky McNeill Terry Sanford    
Hamilton Scott E.E. Smith    

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