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2005 Two Rivers Conference Football

All Conference Teams

Coach of the Year
Randy Ledford (South View)
                                                Cumberland County Football Stats

Offensive Player of the Year
Greg James (South View)

Defensive Players of the Year
Marquel Pittman (Purnell Swett) & Devin Radford (E.E. Smith)

Offense     Defense  
1st Team     1st Team  


    Defensive Line  
Jeremy Sessoms Purnell Swett   Justin Jackson South View
Running Backs     Carrington Locklear Purnell Swett
Carter Sharpe E.E. Smith   Josh Wiley Pine Forest
Brandon McLaurin South View   Duane Dawson E.E. Smith
Antwan Edwards Cape Fear   Patrick Brooks E.E. Smith
Receivers     Linebackers  
Derek Corbett South View   Justin Bordeaux South View
Marquel Pittman Purnell Swett   Jack Ziegler Terry Sanford
Jamel Walker Pine Forest   Solomon McNair Cape Fear
Tight End     Anthony Richard E.E. Smith
Patrick Brooks E.E. Smith   Defensive Backs  

Offensive Line

    Domonique Jones South View
Jacob Schulz South View   Justin Dial Purnell Swett
David Guy South View   Anthony Rhanes Terry Sanford
Travis Melvin Cape Fear   Ashton Chalmers E.E. Smith
Hutch Eckerson Lumberton   Punter  
Thurman McDonald E.E. Smith   Thomas Owen Terry Sanford
Place Kicker        
Daniel Harris South View      
2nd Team      2nd Team  
Quarterback     Defensive Line  
Keith Parker Pine Forest   Aaron Salkeld South View
Running Backs     Jarrod Steen Purnell Swett
Marques Graham Purnell Swett   Jonah Rooney Terry Sanford
Bobby Moore Lumberton   Daniel Wilborne Cape Fear
Devin Radford E.E. Smith   Spencer Hardwick Cape Fear
Receivers     Corey Gorham Lumberton
Ferrell McIntyre Purnell Swett   Linebackers  
Chris Freeman Cape Fear   Dwayne Jones Purnell Swett
Tight End     Brian Brewer Purnell Swett
Josh Throckmorton South View   Holland Cook Lumberton
Justin Woodward Cape Fear   Terrance Ferguson E.E. Smith
Offensive Line     Defensive Backs  
Jerry Jones South View   Joshua Bowen Purnell Swett
Rory Locklear Purnell Swett   Bryan Hadden Pine Forest
Steven Joiner Terry Sanford   Leonard Shannon Cape Fear
James Johnson Terry Sanford   Adrian Powell Lumberton
Aaron Miller E.E. Smith   Punter  
Place Kicker     Daniel Harris South View
Kevin Harro Terry Sanford      
Honorable Mention      Honorable Mention  
Matt Pike South View   Devon Watlington Pine Forest
Jordan Lee South View   Robert Miller Pine Forest
Julian Pipkin Purnell Swett   James Neal Pine Forest
Tommie Locklear Purnell Swett   Mike Fiala Pine Forest
Troy Horan Pine Forest   C. J. Jones Terry Sanford
Cameron Freeman Cape Fear   Brad Boose Terry Sanford
Ben Hammond Cape Fear   Paris Shannon Cape Fear
Dewayne Allen Terry Sanford   Shawn Tew Cape Fear
Anthony Rhanes Terry Sanford   Chris Freeman Cape Fear
Terrell Walker Terry Sanford  

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