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2008 Mid Southeastern Conference Football

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Richard Bailey (Jack Britt)                

Offensive Player of the Year
Xavier Nixon (Jack Britt)

Defensive Player of the Year
Justin Jackson (Richmond Senior)

Cumberland County Football Stats

Offense     Defense  
Quarterbacks     Defensive Line  
Malcolm Rowe Douglas Byrd   Donnie Owens Douglas Byrd
Tedarrius Wiley Richmond Senior   Jake Forsberg Jack Britt
Running Backs   Justin Brewington Richmond Senior
Eric Johnson Jack Britt   Eric Driggers Scotland County
Jamel Verbal Pinecrest   Steve Moanano Seventy First
Labarrian Jones Richmond Senior   Corey Freeman Hoke County
Demonte Terry Scotland County   William Burton Westover
James Hopper Seventy First   Linebacker  
Receivers     Chris Zavala Douglas Byrd
Amir Patterson Douglas Byrd   Cory Johnson Jack Britt
Curtis Maheu Jack Britt   Chuck Brown Jack Britt
James Baldwin Pinecrest   Justin Jackson Richmond Senior
Lovell Joy Richmond Senior   James Robinson Scotland County
Tight End     Lamar McLendon Seventy First
Kenneth Short Douglas Byrd   Brandon Hall Hoke County
Offensive Line     Christian Russell Westover
Jenard Whitfield Douglas Byrd   Defensive Backs  
Terance Cartrel Douglas Byrd   Kariem Bronson Douglas Byrd
Xavier Nixon Jack Britt   Jerrod White Jack Britt
Kyle Clifton Jack Britt   Dontae Richardson Jack Britt
Ralph Bonner Jack Britt   Josh Scales Pinecrest
Ryan Gibson Richmond Senior   Darius Dawkins Richmond Senior
Charles Crank Richmond Senior   James Hopper Seventy First
Kajuan Garrison Seventy First   Carltrell Leggett Seventy First
Tyrone Jackson Seventy First   Punter  
Darren Moore Westover   Everett Proctor Jack Britt
Kicker     Specialist  
Dillon Maples Pinecrest   Dwayne Williams Westover


Honorable Mention

Aaron Reynolds Seventy First Linebacker
Brandon McNeill Seventy First Running Back
Devante Bush Seventy First Defensive Line
Gerald Brayboy Seventy First Quarterback
Kris Jackson Seventy First Defensive Back
Maurice Scruggs Seventy First Running Back
Steve Moanano Seventy First Offensive Line
Trey Provoid Seventy First Offensive Line
Tyrone Jackson Seventy First Defensive Line
William Brown Seventy First Tight End
Antonio Wint Douglas Byrd Defensive Back
Carlton Leak Douglas Byrd Offensive Line
Chris Zavala Douglas Byrd Specialist
Danny Fischer Douglas Byrd Kicker
Deavyn Evans Douglas Byrd Defensive Line
Julian Bowser Douglas Byrd Defensive Line
Junior Williams Douglas Byrd Running Back
Malcolm Rowe Douglas Byrd Defensive Back/Linebacker
Antwain McGregor Hoke County Defensive Back
Benjamin Jacobs Hoke County Offensive Line
Carlos Sosa Hoke County Linebacker
Darris Carr Hoke County Defensive Line
Gary Baldwin Hoke County Wide Receiver
Kaylan Hernandez Hoke County Wide Receiver
Phillip Young Hoke County Running Back
Vander Willis Hoke County Defensive Back
Welton McPhaul Hoke County Defensive Back
Andrew Niccum Jack Britt Offensive Line
Anthony Riggin Jack Britt Wide Receiver
Chase Sapp Jack Britt Defensive Line
Darryl Cotton Jack Britt Linebacker
Eric Mac Lain Jack Britt Tight End
Everett Proctor Jack Britt Quarterback
Jaquan Mobley Jack Britt Offensive Line
Josh Slaughter Jack Britt Defensive Line
Ralph Bonner Jack Britt Defensive Line
Robert Pradia Jack Britt Wide Receiver
Sebastian Hepburn Jack Britt Defensive Back
Sergio Davis Jack Britt Defensive Back
Tremale France Jack Britt Running Back
Xavier Nixon Jack Britt Defensive Line
Dillon Maples Pinecrest Defensive Back
Jarrin Wooten Pinecrest Wide Receiver
Jeremy Harris Pinecrest Defensive Line
Neil Major Pinecrest Linebacker
Sam Cole Pinecrest Offensive Line
Spencer Bishop Pinecrest Tight End
Trent Fredericks Pinecrest Linebacker
Zavione Thompson Pinecrest Linebacker
Alex Ingram Richmond Senior Running Back
Clytce Almond Richmond Senior Defensive Line
Dray Baldwin Richmond Senior Defensive Line
Gabe Love Richmond Senior Wide Receiver
John Diggs Richmond Senior Defensive Back
Kevin Alfonso Richmond Senior Offensive Line
Phillip Legrande Richmond Senior Linebacker
Scottie Brewington Richmond Senior Defensive Back
Jonathan Parker Scotland County Offensive Line
Kwaimaine Smith Scotland County Defensive Line
Adam Jones Westover Offensive/Defensive Line
Anthony Duncan Westover Defensive Line
Darius Steward Westover Offensive Line
Justin Haley Westover Specialist
Mike Jones Westover Offensive Line
Terry Jefferson Westover Offensive Line
Tyrone Johnson Westover Defensive Back

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