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2004 Mid Southeastern Conference Football

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year - Greg Bryant - Hoke County                Cumberland County Football Stats

Offensive Player of the Year - 
Cameron Sexton - Scotland County
Norman Whitley - Richmond County

Defensive Player of the Year - Nathan Robinson - Richmond County

Offense     Defense  


    Defensive Line  
Cameron Sexton Scotland County   Curtis Garth Scotland County
Brent Smith Richmond County   Doug Palmer Douglas Byrd
Running Backs   Robert Little Hoke County
Amad Robinson Scotland County   Brandon Bush Jack Britt
Malcolm Ingram Westover   Scott Roberts Jack Britt
Norman Whitley Richmond County   Desmond Sims Richmond County
Brandon Myrick Jack Britt   Brooks Austin Seventy First
Keith Farrington Douglas Byrd   Linebacker  
Receivers     Decota Peques Scotland County
Tavaris Washington Scotland County   Kevin Farrington Douglas Byrd

Charles Ball

Scotland County   John Markham Jack Britt
Quenton Baldwin Westover   Tim Brown Richmond County
Josh Smith Douglas Byrd   L.J. Ellerbe Richmond County
Chris Alfonso Richmond County   Dwayne James Seventy First
Tight End     J.T. McCoy Seventy First
Antonio Richardson Westover   Anthony Wall Westover
Offensive Line     Defensive Backs  
Adam Deese Scotland County   Irekife Ojeni Scotland County
Adrian Robertson Scotland County   Jamel Hurst Hoke County
Doug Palmer Douglas Byrd   Josh Hockaday Jack Britt
Jame McLinnahan Hoke County   Leroy Thompson Jack Britt
Ives Morrisey Jack Britt   Nathan Robinson Richmond County
Ryan Morman Jack Britt   Brandon Breeden Richmond County
Andre Crouch Richmond County   Frankie Willougby Seventy First
Mike Collins Richmond County   Punter  
Charles Rutka Seventy First   Dwayne James Seventy First
Charles Lamb Westover   Specialist  
Kicker     Nathan Robinson Richmond County
Scooter Buhrman Jack Britt      

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