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2013 Cape Fear Valley Conference Football

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Russell Stone (Douglas Byrd)

Offensive Player of the Year
Alonzo Hurtado (Douglas Byrd)

Defensive Player of the Year
Montez Samuels (Douglas Byrd)

Special Teams Player of the Year
Taylor Sawicki (Gray's Creek)

Cumberland County Football Stats

Offense     Defense  
1st Team     1st Team  
Quarterback     Defensive Line  
Duane Bland Southern Lee   Khalil Ashali Douglas Byrd
Running Backs     Byron Cousins Douglas Byrd
Jahmaal Daniel Terry Sanford   Paris Black Terry Sanford
Jerry Pullman Lee County   Thomas Ferguson Lee County
Calvin Boyd Gray's Creek   Linebackers  
Justis Richardson Gray's Creek   Orrion Hill Gray's Creek
Receivers     Willie McDonald Douglas Byrd
Aaron Blockman Southern Lee   Alex Brantley Douglas Byrd
Jonathan Blackmon Terry Sanford   Derrick McIver Lee County
Jose Sanchez Douglas Byrd   Defensive Backs  

Offensive Line

    Eric Peed Douglas Byrd
Marley Conley Douglas Byrd   Phillip Hall Union Pines
Mike Martin Douglas Byrd   Presley Hales Lee County
Nolan Groce Lee County   Will Shoop Lee County
Tyler Evers Terry Sanford      
Tyler Southern Union Pines      
2nd Team      2nd Team  
Quarterback     Defensive Line  
Elijah Bulger Douglas Byrd   Darquese Robinson Douglas Byrd
Running Backs     Jamie Cummings Gray's Creek
Raheem Generette Douglas Byrd   Josh Armstrong Terry Sanford
Kaleb Johnson Union Pines   Brandon Prevette Lee County
Dana Dudley Douglas Byrd   Linebackers  
Jordan McRae Terry Sanford   Makyi Sanders Gray's Creek
Receivers     Jonathan Huskey Union Pines
Isaiah Morris Gray's Creek   Conner Showalter Southern Lee
Demarius Hampton Union Pines   Dalton Parker Southern Lee
Deonte Richardson Westover   Defensive Backs  

Offensive Line

    Jeff Gibson Gray's Creek
Ethan Lucas Lee County   Thomas Jordon Terry Sanford
Isaiah Rainey Gray's Creek   Isaiah Stallings Terry Sanford
Aaron Love Southern Lee   Donte Buckley Gray's Creek
Olisaeka Udoh Terry Sanford      
Grayson Johnson Union Pines      

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