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Mid Southeastern Conference Cheerleading

2004-2005 All Conference Team

Coach of the Year:  Coach Starling - Richmond County

Cheerleader of the Year:  Alyssa Purifoy - Jack Britt

Raina McClintock Westover
Kammie White Westover
Tori Wackum Pinecrest
Megan Smith Pinecrest
LaTasha Shaw Seventy First
Sade Robinson Seventy First
Te'Era Southerland Hoke County
Sheronica Henton Hoke County
Jessica Blake Jack Britt
Cynetra McNeill Jack Britt
Kristen Bilingsley Richmond County
Yoshika McCain Richmond County
Tiffany Whiting Westover
April Fields Westover
Rachel Mark Pinecrest
Candace Martin Pinecrest
Anthony Kulukulualani Seventy First
Tychennia Bazemore Seventy First
Chahtinney Swinton-Conway Hoke County
Kristen Billingsley Richmond County
Yoshika McCain Richmond County
Candace Concord Jack Britt
Alyssa Purifoy Jack Britt

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