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2007 Two Rivers Conference
Cross Country All Conference Team

Boys     Girls  
First Team     First Team  
Chase Christianson Terry Sanford   Cory Catlett Terry Sanford
Dwayne Townsend South View   Aimee Rider Terry Sanford
Derrick Poage South View   Taylor Gilbert Terry Sanford
Kenny Hinman South View   Jena Christianson Terry Sanford
Phillip Misklow South View   Rebecca Heathcliff Terry Sanford
Steven Parker Lumberton   Lauren Lee South View
Aaron Holmes South View   Lakeisha Parker South View
Second Team     Second Team  
Christian Wiscovitch South View   Rebecca Misklow South View
Cedric Wilson South View   Karen Laut Terry Sanford
Keegan Rice South View   Lauren Rideout Pine Forest
Zack Rideout Pine Forest   Kassie Carter Cape Fear
Black McNeil Pine Forest   Annette Sem South View
Sam Jordan Terry Sanford   Cassandra Serje South View
Greg Zeller Terry Sanford   Anna Faircloth Cape Fear

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