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2005 Two Rivers Conference
Cross Country All Conference Team

Boys' Runner of the Year - T.J. Wyatt (South View)
Boys' Coach of the Year - Jesse Autry (South View)

Girls' Runner of the Year - Felipe Alejandro (South View)
Girls' Coach of the Year - Doug Foster (Terry Sanford

BOYS School   GIRLS School
1st Team     1st Team  
T. J. Wyatt South View   Felipa Alejandro South View
Bobby Blecher South View   Katharine Woodard Terry Sanford
Josh Handlin South View   Emily Honeycutt Terry Sanford
Giorgio Bruner South View   Jakabie Smith South View
Alex Alexanian Terry Sanford   Brittany Leal South View
Ray Galloway South View   Taylor Gilbert Terry Sanford
Brian Hauser South View   Dana Johnson South View
2nd Team     2nd Team  
Ryan Cross South View   Rebecca Hinchcliff Terry Sanford
Derrick Poage South View   Heather Ramsey South View
Zack Solis Pine Forest   Jade Locklear South View
Awesome Louissaint South View   Denver Bailey Terry Sanford
Keegan Rice South View   Kiesha Green E.E. Smith
Thomas Nara Terry Sanford   Nicole Wilson South View
Steven Parker Lumberton   Jennifer Schaeffer Terry Sanford

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