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2006 Mid Southeastern Conference
Cross Country All Conference Teams

Boys' Runner of the Year - Andy Wacker (Pinecrest
Boys' Coach of the Year - Ed Kelly (Pinecrest)

Girls' Runner of the Year - Amanda McKinney (Pinecrest)
Girls' Coaches of the Year - John Buchholz (Pinecrest)

BOYS School   GIRLS School
Andy Wacker Pinecrest   Amanda McKinney Pinecrest
Brett Baggett Pinecrest   Rebecca Dupre Pinecrest
Andrew Garrison Pinecrest   Stephanie Shannon Pinecrest
Mark Moon Pinecrest   Carlin MacArdel Pinecrest
Dwayne Townsend Seventy First   Lauren Bishop Pinecrest
Billy Gehrung Pinecrest   Lexie Schustrom Pinecrest
Lou Gibbs Douglas Byrd   Arial Armstrong Douglas Byrd
John Miller Seventy First   Elizabeth English Scotland County
Blake Smith Pinecrest   Kristen Covington Scotland County
Bryce Pittard Pinecrest   Monique Damion Scotland County
James Bailey Jack Britt   Ashlie Nance Pinecrest
Zach Ferguson Scotland County   Jackie McElligott Pinecrest
Scott Whitecar Pinecrest   Tyrah Winfrey Seventy First
Craig Baggett Pinecrest   Keevia Gibson Seventy First

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