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2005 Mid Southeastern Conference
Cross Country All Conference Team

Boys' Runner of the Year - Jordan Rickard (Pinecrest)
Boys' Coach of the Year - Ed Kelly (Pinecrest)

Girls' Runner of the Year - Andrea Thomas (Jack Britt)
Girls' Coaches of the Year - Jeff Shephard (Scotland County)

BOYS School   GIRLS School
Jordan Rickard Pinecrest   Andrea Thomas Jack Britt
Andy Wacker Pinecrest   Linda Aughburns Seventy First
Jed Black Pinecrest   Katie Fields Pinecrest
Jonathan Stone Pinecrest   Elizabeth English Scotland County
Brett Baggett Pinecrest   Caitlin McArdle Pinecrest
Andrew Garrison Pinecrest   Ariel Armstrong Douglas Byrd
Hunter Kozisek Jack Britt   Amanda McKinney Pinecrest
Brett Shannon Pinecrest   Brittney Norton Scotland County
Luke Gibbs Douglas Byrd   Shanta Carpenter Seventy First
Quinton Warrick Jack Britt   Lauren Bishop Pinecrest

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