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2004 Mid Southeastern Conference
Cross Country All Conference Team

Boys' Runner of the Year - Chase Williams - Pinecrest
Boys' Coach of the Year - Ed Kelly - Pinecrest

Girls' Runner of the Year - Katie Fields - Pinecrest
Girls' Coaches of the Year - John Buchholz - Pinecrest &
Jeff Sheppard - Scotland County

BOYS School   GIRLS School
Jonathan Stone Pinecrest   Katie Fields Pinecrest
Sam Franklin Pinecrest   Lauren Chu Pinecrest
Johnathan Wolfe Jack Britt   Ann Fields Pinecrest
Andrew Garrison Pinecrest   Hollie Brooks Scotland County
Jean-Pierre Sanchez Jack Britt   Amanda McKinney Pinecrest
Ryan Galberth Pinecrest   Caitlin McArdle Pinecrest
Quinton Warrick Jack Britt   Andrea Thomas Jack Britt
Todd Collins Pinecrest   Laura Clark Scotland County
Brett Baggett Pinecrest   Linda Aughburns Seventy First
Matt Hennings Pinecrest   Tierra McIntosh Jack Britt
Dustin Kleinman Hoke County   Laura Wagner Jack Britt
Brandon Terry Jack Britt   Brittany Noston Scotland County
Matt Gallager Pinecrest   Ariel Armstrong Douglas Byrd
Jared Wolfe Jack Britt   Monique Damoin Scotland County

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