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2010 Mid South Conference
Cross Country All Conference Team

Boys     Girls  
First Team     First Team  
Alex Beaudette Jack Britt   Terry Lasane Terry Sanford
Josh Crawford South View   Kaitlyn Atkins Terry Sanford
Connor Mang South View   Karen Leonard Terry Sanford
Xiomar Runkel South View   Kaitlin Bly Terry Sanford
Clyde Wilson Jack Britt   Abigail Ancherico Terry Sanford
Tim Brown South View   Victoria Anderson Jack Britt
Nick Owens South View   Kayla Beavers Pine Forest
Second Team     Second Team  
Patrick Arata Terry Sanford   Emani Little Jack Britt
Adriel Wynn South View   Morgan Johnson Cape Fear
Ali Nunez South View   Aimee Wilson South View
Christopher Wurst Terry Sanford   Kelly Corney South View
Von Runkel South View   Julie Sem South View
Benjamin Powell Jack Britt   Madaline Timothy Cape Fear
Kai Coaxum Cape Fear   Make Eley-O'Reilly Jack Britt

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