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2011 Cape Fear Valley Conference
Cross Country Conference Meet Results

Boys' Coach of the Year
Wendy Vance (Overhills)

Boys' Athlete of the Year
Achraf Khadir (Douglas Byrd)

Girls' Coach of the Year
Wendy Vance (Overhills)

Girls' Athlete of the Year
Abby Berchick (Union Pines)

Meet Results (team)

Boys' Team Results     Girls' Team Results  
Overhills 43 Overhills 46
Union Pines 56 Western Harnett 54
Douglas Byrd 62 Union Pines 72
Gray's Creek 118 Southern Lee 101
Western Harnett 133 Douglas Byrd  111
Westover 143 Westover 132
Southern Lee 153    

Meet Results - top ten (Individual)

Boys' Individual Top Times       Girls' Individual Top Times    
Runner Sch Time   Runner Sch Time
Achraf Khadir DB 17:38   Emily Vance OH 19:51
Chase Helton DB 17:42   Abby Berchick UP 19:52
Sidney Carrier OH 18:05   Olivia Lowman DB 21:18
Tre' Egerton UP 18:10   Nastassia Arrignton GC 21:35
Brandon Obin WO 18:20   April Sherlin OH 21:41
Nick Boyce OH 18:30   Daniella Garrett OH 21:44
De'Mond Dearing OH 18:44   Kellsey Dunn WH 22:06
Storm Jessup UP 18:50   Leslie Rivera WO 22:19
Matthew Calvelo WH 18:54   Jessica Long SL 23:08
Jeffrey Hood OH 19:12   Taylor Hayes WH 22:56

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