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2006 Two Rivers Conference Boys' Soccer

All Conference Team

    Coach of the Year
Kenny Simmons (Lumberton)

Player of the Year
Kyle Dickerson (Lumberton)

1st Team School   2nd Team School
Kyle Dickerson Lumberton   Domenico Grillo Terry Sanford
Adam Engle Terry Sanford   DarenWilson Pine Forest
Chris Wallace South View   Michael Hill Cape Fear
Enry Albino Lumberton   Bryan Musungu Pine Forest
Jack Adams Terry Sanford   Jordan Williamson Lumberton
Kevin Brooks Pine Forest   Alan West Terry Sanford
Kris Kirby Cape Fear   Jadan Beckham Cape Fear
Alex Romero E.E. Smith   Tony Sciandra South View
Mathew Locklear Purnell Swett   Addison McMillan Lumberton
Jaleel Etienne South View   Jake Moore Lumberton
Tim Johnson Terry Sanford   Chima Ohadugha Terry Sanford
Honorable Mention        
Kyle Devlin South View   Brian Zaldivar South View
Landon Lowry Purnell Swett   Fletcher McIntyre Purnell Swett
Bennett Strickland Cape Fear   Darin Lindgren Cape Fear
Christian Jenkins Cape Fear   Elijah Dreston E.E. Smith
Larry Russell E.E. Smith   Kenneth McCoy E.E. Smith
Collins Werunca E.E. Smith   Jonathan Noble Lumberton
Ethan Freeman Lumberton   Trey McDuffie Lumberton
Bobby Hurd Pine Forest   Chris Kientz Pine Forest
Seth Laycock Terry Sanford   Taylor Creedon Terry Sanford


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