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2004 Two Rivers Conference Boys' Soccer

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year                                                                                               
Christian Kilgore - Terry Sanford

Player of the Year
James Craven - Terry Sanford

1st Team School   2nd Team School
Kyle Sleem Terry Sanford   Seth Laycock Terry Sanford
Phil Yandall Terry Sanford   Michael Ransom Terry Sanford
James Craven Terry Sanford   Phillip Clause South View
Daniel Harris South View   Julius Escalera Cape Fear
Dallas Hart South View   Will McArthur Cape Fear
Kevin Lindsay South View   Aaron Morris Cape Fear
Trey Hill Cape Fear   Buddy Marshburn Pine Forest
Tamas Keiger Pine Forest   Demetrius Willis E.E. Smith
Jon Flantos Lumberton   Kevin Chamberlain Lumberton
Levi McNeal Lumberton   David Cushing Lumberton
Corey Simmons Lumberton   Bryan Jobe Lumberton
Honorable Mention School
Joo Bohng Lee Terry Sanford
Bryce Creedon Terry Sanford
Stephen Battise South View
Kyle Donaldson Cape Fear
Adam Engle Pine Forest
Drake Jackson Pine Forest
Justin Bezerra E.E. Smith
Irving Perez E.E. Smith
Brandon Wallace E.E. Smith
J.R. Nealy Lumberton


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