Cumberland County Schools' High School Athletic Web Site

2007 Mid Southeastern Conference Boys' Soccer

All Conference Team

Co-Coaches of the Year
Natt Bunphithak (Jack Britt)
Derek Butler (Hoke County)

Player of the Year
Coby Kavanaugh (Pinecrest)

1st Team School   2nd Team School
Coby Kavanaugh Pinecrest   Eddie Guerrero Richmond Senior
Robert Purcell Hoke County   Lance Rice Scotland County
Giovanni Correa Richmond Senior   Juan Lara Richmond Senior
Thomas Goulden Pinecrest   Alex Sevilla Jack Britt
Nathan Bradley Scotland County   Tyson Balaam Jack Britt
Chris Eddings Hoke County   Flamar Rama Douglas Byrd
Chris Larsen Richmond Senior   Walther Mejia Hoke County
Mike Sanchez Hoke County   Taylor Miles Pinecrest
Michael Hieronymus Pinecrest   Carlos Esquivel Richmond Senior
Jonathan Robinson Jack Britt   Kirk Foster Jack Britt
Tyler Dawson Pinecrest   Carlos Lugo Westover
Bradley McKeever Pinecrest   Graham McLean Richmond Senior
      Preston McGlamery Jack Britt


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