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2006 Mid Southeastern Conference Boys' Soccer

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Bennie Howard - Richmond County

Player of the Year
Russell Stewart - Pinecrest

1st Team School   2nd Team School
Russell Stewart Pinecrest   Karl Ainslie Pinecrest
Coby Kavanaugh Pinecrest   Jordan Howlett Pinecrest
Charlie Davis Pinecrest   Brandon Zoellner Pinecrest
Matt Sessoms Pinecrest   Marcel Taylor Jack Britt
Glenn Holmes Pinecrest   Tim McKeag Jack Britt
Giovanni Correa Richmond County   Chris Larsen Richmond County
Aaron Cloninger Richmond County   T.J. Smith Richmond County
Robert Purcell Hoke County   Jose Poeras Richmond County
David Cabellaro Douglas Byrd   Graham McLean Richmond County
Vinney Burns Scotland County   Danile Lerner Hoke County
Gabriel Love-Haugh Jack Britt   Erick Smith Seventy First
Brandon Loder Seventy First   Carl Jones Scotland County
Honorable Mention School
Chris Eddings Hoke County
Tony Sanchez Hoke County
Gabe Danet Hoke County
Jon Robinson Jack Britt
Wilvado Vasques Douglas Byrd
Justin Walters Scotland County
D'quan Cutno Westover
Ming Hong Westover
Carlos Esquivel Richmond County


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