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2003 Mid Southeastern Conference Boys' Soccer

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year - Ceba Jackson - Jack Britt                        Cumberland County Stats

Player of the Year - Dustin Locklear - Scotland County

1st Team


2nd Team

Neil Perez Pinecrest   David Jannone Pinecrest
Jonathan Gribben Pinecrest   Dustin Burns Pinecrest
Gage Bruno Pinecrest   Jonathon Shute Pinecrest
Michael White Pinecrest   Chris Latham Jack Britt
Scott Martin Pinecrest   Rob Knox Jack Britt
Prince Ike Jack Britt   Eric Proctor Jack Britt
Garrett Davis Scotland County   Heath Neilsen Jack Britt
Daniel Pruitte Scotland County   Nicholas Bradley Scotland County
Enrique Burgos Seventy First   Angel Gomez Westover
Robert Henson Seventy First   Christian Garcia Richmond County
Paco Lopez Richmond County   Ramon Zepada Hoke County
Chris Stanley Douglas Byrd     Seventy First
Honorable Mention      
Sam Rush Scotland County      
Davin Ennis Seventy First
Hector Ramos Seventy First
Israel Montece Seventy First
Will Larson Richmond County
Greg Brigman Hoke County
Courtney Lawrence Douglas Byrd
David Torres Westover

Fayetteville Observer All-Cape Fear region soccer team

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