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2001 Mid Southeastern Conference Boy's Soccer

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year - Larry Martin - Pinecrest

Player of the Year - Jason Voss - Pinecrest

All Conference

Ross McLauchlin Jack Britt
James Mabe Jack Britt
David Talbott Jack Britt
Drew Slappey Jack Britt
Jeff Selover Hoke County
Jason Voss Pinecrest
Matt Capasso Pinecrest
Joe Burger Pinecrest
Justin Walters Pinecrest
David White Pinecrest
Casey Krueger Pinecrest
Stuart Richardson Pinecrest
Ryan Nelson Pinecrest
Marty Covington Richmond County
Theo Robich Richmond County
Greg Wrape Richmond County
Jose Lopez Richmond County
Chase Pittman Scotland County
Jose Gonzalez Scotland County
Michael Norton Scotland County
Matthew Hagan Seventy First
Brandon LaRose Westover
Desmonde Andrade Westover
Anthony Duran Westover
Ramon Robinson Westover

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