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CBowling State Championship
February 23, 2018

Girls Team
#2 seed Lumberton defeated #3 seed Scotland 292-202
#1 seed Grays Creek defeated Lumberton 295-241
Girls Team State Champion: Grays Creek

Boys Team
#3 seed Pine Forest defeated #2 seed Lakewood 354-313
Pine Forest defeated #1 seed Jack Britt 394-346
Boys Team State Champion: Pine Forest

Girls Individual
#1 Lara Kurt (North Brunswick) defeated #4 seed Michaela Clardy (North Brunswick) 185-180
#2 seed Melanie Letourneau (Jack Britt) defeated #3 seed Laura Starling (Cape Fear) 190-120
Melanie Letourneau defeated Lara Kurt 199-198
Girls Individual State Champion: Melanie Letourneau

Boys Individual
#1 seed Kaan Kurt (North Brunswick) defeated #4 seed Reece Taylor (Lumberton) 246-185
#2 seed Jack Cooney (Terry Sanford) defeated #3 seed Patrick Eaton (Jack Britt) 233-213
Kaan Kurt defeated Jack Cooney 225-174
Boys Individual State Champion: Kaan Kurt


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