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2006 Mid Southeastern Conference Baseball

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Jeff Hewitt (Pinecrest)

Player of the Year
                               Seth Maness (Pinecrest)                                      

2006 Cumberland County Individual Stats

1st Team



Lucas Fordham Jack Britt
Kevin McKague Jack Britt
Josh Haley Pinecrest
Eric Shinn Pinecrest
Seth Maness Pinecrest
Bruce Koenig Pinecrest
Derek Kirk Pinecrest
C.J. Lee Douglas Byrd
Paul Mayner Douglas Byrd
Kyle Roller Richmond County
Neil Robinette Richmond County
Scott Shields Richmond County
Corey Tedder Richmond County
C.J. Gill Seventy First
Derrick Lowery Scotland County
Ryan Norton Scotland County
Scott Myers Scotland County
Nick Liles Scotland County
Parker Bangs Scotland County
Chris Patterson Scotland County

Honorable Mention

Eddie George Jack Britt
David Swiderski Jack Britt
Gabe Villegas Jack Britt
Tray Neilson Jack Britt
Ryan Summerford Pinecrest
Gabe Jones Douglas Byrd
Eric Brewington Douglas Byrd
Jerrell Goins Seventy First
Lee Webb Richmond County
Heath Weatherford Richmond County
Junior Simmons Hoke County
Chris Bebb Hoke County
Mike Powell Westover
Terry Johnson Westover
Julian Davis Westover

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