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The BEST of the 'Earl of Friday Nights'

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North Carolina Coaches Association Spring 2024 Newsletter
featuring Earl Vaughan Jr's first column for the publication

After 50 years, it's time to say goodbye (City View - 4/16/24)

Earl's Pearls from 2023-24

Archived Earl's Pearls

Earl's Athletes of the Week Selections 2023-24 (City View Magazine)

Earl's Athletes of the Week Selections 2022-23 (City View Magazine)

Earl's Scholar Athletes of the Week Archives (Up & Coming Magazine)

Archived Articles from the 'Earl of Friday Nights'

Challenges ahead for Cumberland County Schools amid NCHSAA changes (City View - 3/21/24)

N.C. Independent Schools Athletic Association adopts NIL policy (City View) - 2/3/24)

When it comes to the transfer portal, Mac Lain thinks there's still a place for the 'tweener' seeking place on a D1 team (City View - 1/26/24)

2023: A look back at the year in sports (City View - 12/29/23)

General Assembly completes dismantling of High School Athletics Association (City View - 10/6/23)

Athletics association facing uncertain future under pending legislation commissioner says (City View - 9/25/23)

North Carolina high school sports set for big change? NCHSAA responds (Fayetteville Observer - 9/22/23)

    Security concerns haunt spectators who just want to enjoy the game (City View - 9/15/23)

Legislature's manuevers could undo plans for restructuring of high school sports (City View - 4/21/23)

Long-range talks about possible E.E. Smith move begin  (Up & Coming Weekly - 2/25/20)

Board of Education modifies 2.0 rule (Up & Coming Weekly - 1/7/20)

McDaniel humbled by Hall of Fame selection (Up & Coming Weekly - 10/22/19)

Frustrated officials quitting, games being canceled  (Up & Coming Weekly - 10/8/19)

Club sports come with hefty price tag (Up & Coming Weekly - 10/1/19)

Poor parent behavior a major problem for high schools (Up & Coming Weekly - 9/17/19)

Emergency plans have players, spectators in mind (Up & Coming Weekly - 9/17/19)

Tucker shares thoughts as high school year begins (Up & Coming Weekly - 9/3/19)

East-West All-Star coach, players biographies (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/9/19)

Legacy and Generosity (Up & Coming Weekly - 6/3/19)

Gary Weller Foundation boosts student scholarship awards (Up & Coming Weekly - 6/3/19)

Allen bids Buie farewell in Buie's final game as umpire (Up & Coming Weekly - 4/29/19)

County trio named Heart of a Champion winners by NCHSAA (Up & Coming Weekly - 4/9/19)

PA announcers need to be neutral (Up & Coming Weekly - 1/15/19)

First Trojan challenge rated major success (Up & Coming Weekly - 10/23/18)

NCHSAA asks member schools to help raise money for storm aid (Up & Coming Weekly - 10/2/18)

Pine Forest, Gray's Creek athletes join hurricane relief efforts (Up & Coming Weekly - 10/2/18)

Not in the Hall of Fame? Try nominating (Up & Coming Weekly - 8/21/18)

SAOA honors Pope, Haire for service as officials (Up & Coming Weekly - 8/21/18)

Weller Foundation provides scholarship money for athletes (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/24/18)

Student-athletes honored, visit NC Sports Hall of Fame (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/24/18)

Protecting young athletes from injury  (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/17/18)

County needs alternative to grade penalty for athletes (Up & Coming Weekly - 6/26/18)

Help for weak conference schedules (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/16/18)

Updates to high school athletics rules (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/8/18)

New superintendent ready to listen (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/1/18)

The real story about college athletic scholarships (Up & Coming Weekly - 4/17/18)

A plea for more high school officials (Up & Coming Weekly - 2/13/18)

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