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NCHSAA lifts mask mandate for outdoor sports (Fayetteville Observer - 4/29/21)

Cumberland County Schools to allow more fans at high school sporting events 2021(Fayetteville Observer - 3/1/21)

COVID-19 restrictions eased in North Carolina (Fayetteville Observer - 2/25/21)

NC high schools report sharp drop is sports participation amid pandemic ( - 2/19/21)

Governor says new executive order could open door to more fans at high school games ( - 2/18/21)

Commissioner tells schools DHHS has invited NCHSAA to discuss spectator limitations ( - 2/16/21)

On The Record: High school basketball & a mask mandate ( - 12/21/20)

Cardiologist: No safety concerns for basketball players competing with masks ( - 12/21/20)

Most high school sports at Cumberland County Schools on hold through mid-January. What does that mean for basketball season? (Fayetteville Observer - 12/21/20)

Cumberland County Schools suspends most sports through at least Jan. 18 ( - 12/18/20)

Earl Vaughan Jr.: CCS sports put on hold for now (City View NC - 12/18/20)

NCHSAA releases COVID-19 basketball guidelines: no jump balls, masks required ( - 12/4/20)

NCHSAA Board votes to help athletic programs affected by COVID-19 (City View NC - 12/4/20)

NCHSAA votes to eliminate football subdivisions, maintain 2020-21 calendar (Fayetteville Observer - 12/3/20)

No changes to NCHSAA calendar despite COVID-19 concerns, football playoffs get overhaul  ( - 12/3/20)

NCHSAA holds press conference following board meeting ( - 12/3/20)

Round Table: NCHSAA board decisions around COVID-19, football playoffs ( - 12/2/20)

Balancing the conflicting needs to play sports & stay safe during COVID-19 ( - 12/2/20)

NCHSAA Commissioner: Caution remains critical (City View NC - 11/20/20)

High school athletes get new mask rules for indoor sports from NCHSAA (Fayetteville Observer - 11/12/20)

As N.C. public school sports return, it's all hands on deck vs COVID-19 (Fayetteville Observer - 10/30/20)

68 percent of NCHSAA schools have resumed sports activities as districts continue to relax restrictions ( - 9/28/20)

NCHSAA expected to increase number of athletes allowed to partipate in workouts next week - 9/3/20)

NCHSAA puts moratorium on athletic scheduling, hopes to provide details next month  (Fayetteville Observer - 8/14/20)

Baxley: February football, new high school plan gives sports a chance (Fayetteville Observer - 8/13/20)

NCHSAA overhauls prep calendar, football to start in February (Fayetteville Observer - 8/12/20)

NCHSAA moves football to February (Fayetteville Observer - 8/12/20)

NCHSAA moves football to February, shortens seasons for all sports due to pandemic ( - 8/12/20)

Read this before you move to another state for sports or decide to take  a 'gap' year  ( - 8/12/20)

NCHSAA approves move to Phase 2 of summer conditioning, workouts (Fayetteville Observer - 7/28/20)

Coaches discuss launching sports season during uncertain times (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/28/20)

NCHSAA, high school leaders grapple with risk levels (Fayetteville Observer - 7/26/20)

No one is 'definitely' playing fall sports ( - 7/24/20)

Opinion: Embracing change is crucial in restarting high school sports ( - 7/23/20)

NCHSAA delays start of fall sports season (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/21/20)

Navigating COVID-19 makes a jigsaw puzzle look easy (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/21/20)

Opinion: With safety measures in place, students need sports, arts for mental and emotional wellness ( - 7/17/20)

NCHSAA commissioner 'cautiously optimistic' about playing fall sports, but unsure when it will happen ( - 7/16/20)

Gov. Cooper talks high school sports; NCHSAA to discuss options (Fayetteville Observer - 7/14/20)

County athletes hopeful of return to practice (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/14/20)

Mix of virtual, in-person learning leaves high school sports in flux ( - 7/14/20)

Long list of prep athletes in Cumberland County set to play college sports (Fayetteville Observer - 7/11/20)

Football in spring? Shorter seasons? NCHSAA addresses questions about sports (Fayetteville Observer - 7/9/20)

NCHSAA commissioner: 'Sports don't exist if there is no school' (Fayetteville Observer - 7/8/20)

NCHSAA Commissioner Que Tucker holds press conference to address COVID-19 ( - 7/8/20)

SAAC members react to COVID-19 situation (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/7/20)

A way-to-early look at star potential for 2021 Best of 910Preps Awards (Fayetteville Observer - 6/26/20)

Cumberland County athletes cleared for July 6 return (Up & Coming Weekly - 6/16/20)

Cumberland County Schools preparing to resume sports July 6 (Fayetteville Observer - 6/10/20)

Cautious NCHSAA hopes practice can resume shortly (Up & Coming Weekly - 6/9/20)

State basketball co-champs headline county's shortened sports season (Up & Coming Weekly - 6/9/20)

NCHSAA to allow sports activites to resume June 15 (Fayetteville Observer - 6/8/20)

N.C. Coaches Association cancels July's East-West All-Star games (Fayetteville Observer - 5/29/20)

Gray's Creek earns NCHSAA Exemplary School Award (Fayetteville Observer - 5/28/20)

Here are all the winners from the 2020 HighSchoolOT Honors award show  ( - 5/27/20)

'Back in a routine' NCHSAA hopes workouts can resume in June (Fayetteville Observer - 5/27/20)

NCHSAA votes to extend dead period through June 15 (Fayetteville Observer - 5/26/20)

Many factors will determine status of return of fall sports (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/26/20)

Strunk looks back, forward at COVID-19 (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/26/20)

NCHSAA commisioner Que Tucker talks COVID-19, future of high school sports in North Carolina (Fayetteville Observer - 5/25/20)

State government releases guidelines for return of youth, high school sports; NCHSAA schedules press conference ( - 5/22/20)

NFHS releases phased guidelines for return of high school athletics, identifies sports by risk ( - 5/19/20)

NFHS guidelines server as a starting point to resume high school sports ( - 5/19/20)

NCHSAA will expire COVID-19 dead period on June 1, but resumption of athletics remains uncertain ( - 5/12/20)

County schools lead nation in NFHS coaches education (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/12/20)

Opinion: North Carolina's high school seniors can learn from loss (Fayetteville Observer - 5/9/20)

State Health Director: High school sports will have a 'new normal' until there's a vaccine, treatment ( - 5/5/20)

Three Cumberland schools nation's first to earn Level 1 status in NFHS School Honor Roll (Fayetteville Observer - 4/30/20)

With spring sports canceled, what's next? ( - 4/24/20)

NCHSAA Commissioner statement on status of athletic activity ( - 4/24/20)

NCHSAA, NCISAA cancel sports for remainder of year (Fayetteville Observer - 4/24/20)

Holly Springs' Whitesell talks baseball season's outlook, challenges facing athletic departments ( - 4/18/20)

Why playing sports without fans may not be an option for high schools ( - 4/15/20)

Terry Sanford's Squire gives tips on home workout safety  (Up & Coming Weekly - 4/14/20)

Aldridge looks ahead to return of high school sports  (Up & Coming Weekly - 4/7/20)

NFHS official: Pandemic is a threat to high school sports nationwide, but NC is uniquely positioned ( - 4/3/20)

NCHSAA remains hopeful for return of high school sports after pandemic suspends activities ( - 3/30/20)

Former NCHSAA official: Coronavirus is unprecedented, but high school sports have faced similar challenges  ( - 3/25/20)

NCHSAA's Tucker stays positive as state battles COVID 19  (Up & Coming Weekly - 3/24/20)

"Benched" Newsletter update  ( - 3/23/20)

NCHSAA: 'Difficult to imagine' high school sports resuming with schools closed (Fayetteville Observer - 3/23/20)

NCHSAA suspends high school athletics through May 18 after governor closes schools  ( - 3/23/20)

Millbrook's basketball team turns to virtual tools to help players with recruiting during pandemic  ( - 3/23/20)

The role of coaches during the coronavirus pandemic  ( - 3/22/20)

"Benched" Newsletter update  ( - 3/21/20)

Covid-19 precautions are important for N.C. athletics  (Up & Coming Weekly - 3/17/20)

The day high school sports suddenly stopped in NC  ( - 3/13420)


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